Copan Ruinas and an Update

It’s been almost two months since my last update: two months including two trips to Honduras, minor health issues (giardiasis anyone?) resulting from those trips, interviewing for jobs and starting a new job.  Whew.

On this last trip we went to #Copan Ruinas in Copan Department in the western part of Honduras where there are Mayan ruins dating from pre-Columbian times.  However our main motivation was to visit the guaras (macaws) at #Macaw Mountain, where they rehabilitate tropical birds that have been abandoned by ex-pat owners or intercepted during illegal exportation. Once rehabilitated, the birds are then reintroduced into the wild.

It was amazing to then see the flocks of guaras that have already been reintroduced flying around the ruins.

Apart from the obvious tourist reasons to go to Copán Ruinas it was also a lot of fun to explore a different town in another part of the country with different architecture and cuisine than in my part of Honduras. We didn’t encounter any tajadas con pollo (almost the only dish served at restaurants in our region) but did find that pinchos (kebabs) and other types of grilled food were on almost every menu. A note of caution: American meals were rarely prepared the way we expect them to be in the US and even seemingly straightforward dishes like beef hamburgers and guacamole left us disappointed. We also rarely found coffee worth drinking besides the ubiquitous Espresso Americano, though we did not have a chance to visit Cafe Welchez, which is supposed to have excellent coffee.

#honduras #copanruinas #copan #catracho #expatlife #centralamerica #latinamerica #parrots #macaws #mayan


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